DY Nutrition – Blood and Guts – 380g

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Dorian Yates – Blood and Guts

Dorian Yates – Blood and Guts is a pre-workout designed to boost focus, energy and strength during physical exertion, helping you to exceed mental and physical limits. Our goal was to create a product that embodies Dorian’s famous training philosophy and his exceptional work ethic. That’s why the revolutionary pre-workout contains solid doses of key nutrients, brought together by Dorian’s lifetime of experience, to create the most intense pre-workout supplement available on the market today.

Most people don’t train with the right intensity, resulting in poor post-workout muscle growth with little reason for the body to adapt. Dorian Yates’ Blood and Guts formula puts intensity at the forefront of your training sessions. From the very first serving, a quick mix of mental stimulants begins and your neurotransmitters are activated. Your focus and concentration improve significantly, because the guarana extract, caffeine, L-tyrosine and green tea extract strengthen your mental state. As you warm up with unparalleled tunnel vision, you’ll feel the following wave of ingredients that engulf every muscle fiber in your body: Citrulline Malate, Beta-Alanine and Arginine AKG combine to increase blood flow to working muscles, prolong endurance and shoot overall strength through the roof.

  • 6000 mg Citrulline Malate for explosive Muscle
  • Pumps and Improved Performance
  • 5500 mg Beta-Alanine for prolonged muscle Endurance
  • 4000 mg Arginine AKG for enhanced Strength
  • 500 mg L-Tyrosine for enhancing and fortifying the Mind-Muscle
  • 350 mg Caffeine for increased Focus
  • Vitamin B3 and 3 natural extracts for relentless energy and fatigue


“Thisnew Blood & Guts formula fuses together all the ingredients needed to ‘get in the zone’ and prime your body, mentally and physiologically, for intense workouts. Every ingredient has been meticulously selected in order to ensure there are no fillers and only the strongest possible ingredients at the correct dosages are included in the product.